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Quantis – this is what we can do for you

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Our young company operates in the U.S., Europe, and Asia with a diverse team of manufacturing engineers, data scientists, software architects, and mechanical engineers. We support our customers with Quantis employees with decades of experience in innovative technology and analytics solutions for the filling and packaging industry.

Our focus is on the topics of:

  • Sustainability

  • Line Monitoring

  • Maintenance Management

  • Quality Management

and the associated improvement of processes. Through our experienced teams, we are familiar and can support our customers with customized IT solutions.

To drive the above topics, we have developed expertise in the following application areas and services:

Data Engineering It all starts on the production floor during filling and packaging. Complex interlinked plants, which are interdependent, pose the challenge of obtaining usable raw data from the machines in the plants. As a rule, machine data can be obtained from all plants, for example from old machines to new plants. All relevant data from the plants are stored by us in the cloud for further use.

Process know-how Once the raw data has been obtained, the challenge is to transform it into usable key performance indicators. Thanks to our know-how of the specific technical processes in bottling and IT, we are able to generate the relevant KPIs for the customer and, on the basis of a set of rules created for each plant, to analyze, evaluate and validate the data streams even during ongoing operation. The cleaned data can then be passed on to the Pocket Factory or to third-party providers such as ERP, SCM, MES systems or IIoT cloud solutions.

Data Science

After we have made the valid data usable, this data can be used to model use cases. These use cases help the user to be informed in good time by means of notifications in the event of changes in the behavior of the plant, so that immediate measures can then be initiated before cost-intensive faults occur. From this, we in turn develop applications to prepare the data for our customers so that they can work with it. By providing valid data, we can make the behavior of the machines predictable. The pattern and behavior recognition of the machines from data enables our customers to carry out improving measures on the machines in order to increase the plant output. This is already being successfully implemented using AI and machine learning.

Data is visually presented to our customers using dashboards in a variety of display options. Widgets, diagrams, histograms, heatmaps and much more are already stored as templates. Since the applications are easy and intuitive to use, customers are encouraged to create their own analyses as needed.

By retrieving the data in almost real time, notifications are sent in the event of deterioration, limits being reached or deviations from the behavior of the machines and systems, so that the customer does not have to deal permanently with the evaluation of the data but lets the system work for him.


Our services do not only revolve around consulting, training, and support of the customer, we offer an individual and trustful support during the first concept development up to the implementation, and furthermore during the monitoring of the data (infrastructure monitoring) as well as the data validation already before delivery on site at the OEM.

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