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Pocket Factory - introducing our cloud-based IIoT platform

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

PocketFactory is a cloud based IIoT platform that delivers customized IT solutions for plants with discrete and dedicated manufacturing. The main focus here is on the filling and packaging industry.

It enables its customers to optimize manufacturing equipment and increase plant output thanks to its breakthrough products.

We are pioneers in this industry, as our products are already successfully in use thanks to novel technologies. Our team consists of world-leading experts in their fields. We develop innovative products for our customers and drive new ideas forward. The holistic support of our customers is in the foreground. From project start to maintenance, we accompany and advise with confidence.

The raw data from the production and filling lines serves as the basis for our platform. Problems often start with the provision of data. The raw data cannot be made available at all or only inadequately and, above all, not validated. This is where our IT solution with the Pocket Factory comes in. We obtain data from all machines and complex interlinked plants, regardless of whether older machines are used, or the plants are state of the art.

After raw data extraction, it is our task to check the data for correctness and availability. Our product PureData represents an important tool in quality management. It permanently analyzes, evaluates and validates the data streams during ongoing operation on the basis of a set of rules created individually for each plant. In this way, we ensure that all relevant data is available, a status has been defined for values, and the values are within valid limits.

Raw data acquisition is not only useful during operation; if a new machine or system is ordered from the OEM, it is possible to carry out a so-called Factory Acceptance Test before the machines are delivered. In this way, plant operators can be sure that each individual machine generates valid data streams as soon as it is implemented. The Factory Acceptance Test has already been carried out very successfully with our customers in cooperation with an OEM.

With the validated data obtained above, the Pocket Factory is then able to generate and calculate all KPIs relevant to the plant operator. Once the KPIs are defined, they are calculated from the incoming data from the plants for each machine in near real time. Of course, the data obtained can also be transferred to other IT systems via connectors.

The presentation and display of the calculated data is what makes the Pocket Factory so unique. We visually prepare the key figures for our customers and make them available in self-generated dashboards with widgets such as heatmaps, histograms and much more. The most important dashboards are already stored as templates in the Pocket Factory and can be adapted or extended as needed.

With these evaluations, the plant operator can analyze his plants in real terms and, in the event of deterioration, intervene in good time to initiate improvement measures. For this, an employee does not have to sit permanently at the PC and evaluate the data. In case of deterioration or exceeding of limits, he is immediately notified by e-mail or SMS.

Not only the validation of data and its further processing is possible with the Pocket Factory.

Another of our strengths is maintenance management and its continuous improvement.

With the help of use cases created by our customers, we have developed the Operating Hours Explorer, which enables predictable maintenance by precisely recording the operating hours of each spare part. Predictive maintenance is used to monitor the conditions of spare parts to predict which part should be replaced. Dashboards again display the results in an easy-to-read manner. The Operating Hours Explorer also makes it possible to extend operating hour durations beyond those specified by the OEM.

In the area of fault analysis, the Bottleneck Detector is a useful tool. It monitors machine behavior in the event of unplanned malfunctions of upstream and downstream machines, and reports increasing changes and associated creeping production losses at the lead machine. Through daily monitoring and notification of changes in machine behavior, proactive reduction of unplanned disturbances leads to improved plant output!

In today's world, it is essential to strive for resource-conserving and low-emission production (sustainability). CO2 consumption is a parameter that needs to be monitored and reduced as much as possible. With the help of our dashboards, it is easy to see when consumption limits are exceeded. Here, too, a notification is sent by e-mail or SMS when limits are approached. In this way, the customer has all the necessary consumption figures at a glance.

With our Pocket Factory platform and its diverse tools, we make work easier for plant operators. Our applications are successfully used by our customers.

We deliver what we promise!

Pictue by Ulrike Sedlaczek


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